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Statewide resources: [top]

California Department of Conservation, Division of Recycling (800) 327-9886  

West Coast Scrap Plastic Referral Service (888) 753-7485

California Integrated Waste Management Board (800) 533-2962

Californian's Against Waste

California Materials Exchange Program Calmax (916) 255-2369

Beverage Container Recycling Information 800-RECYCLE

California Resource Recovery Association (916)441-CRRA (441-2772)

Alameda County Waste Management Authority and Source Reduction and Recycling Board (510)614-1699

National Resources: [top]

800/RECYCLE (area code sensitive) Recycling Center and other Environmental Information 800/CLEANUP (zip code sensitive)

Peanut Acceptance Polystyrene peanuts drop-off locations 800/828-2214 (area code sensitive)

National Recycling Coalition

Grassroots Recycling Network

The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers


National Association for PET Container Resources

Personal Sustainability

Here's just a few interesting resources we've stumbled upon to amuse and maybe even give some helpful hints in greening your personal life. We're always open to more suggestions. Send good relevant links to for our review. Thanks~

Conversion Technologies

Text of the Supreme Court decision, City of Chicago vs. Environmental Defense Fund, that requires testing of incinerator ash for toxics (among other things)
Waste Incineration: A Dying Technology
NCRA's Briefing Paper on Conversion Technologies and Municipal Discards Click Here
Main CalRecycle "conversion technologies" website
Presentations from NCRA's February 2004 Recycling Update conference: Fernando Berton highlights the status of studies identifying different types of CT and their environmental impacts Fernando Berton presentation.ppt
Jorge Emmanuel is an environmental consultant, chemical engineer, and chemist who commented on pollution concerns about high temperature facilities. He has coordinated testing and evaluation of more than a dozen pyrolysis and gasification technologies for medical waste. Jorge Emmaneul presentation.pdf
Dan Predpall is doing technical evaluations for communities around CA and the U.S. on these issues (including City of Alameda, City of Los Angeles, and County of Santa Barbara), and highlighted the different types of CT and their environmental impacts. DanPrepdall.ppt
Michael Theroux highlighted the importance in developing projects of addressing how best to integrate plans to recover commodities, generate electricity and effectively use the thermal energy produced. MichaelTheroux.ppt

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