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  Intro to Recycling with Arthur Boone

Introduction to Recycling

Since 1994 and usually offered in March and September, this course provides a great background for a career in the field. Introducing trade terms, history, law, practice, current issues and many of the technical problems the recycling industry faces, this course is a must have. Taught by longtime Zero-Waster and Materials Doctor Arthur Boone, Introduction to Recycling (ITR) is so informative that attendees have even included those who have been in the field for years.

Last offered in February 2013 at Recology in San Francisco, stay tuned for the next course at the same location March 24-26, 2014. Click here to register and for details.

Click here to read the first edition of Arthur Boone's Introduction to Recycling: A Guidebook to the Field.

Click here to read the second edition of Arthur Boone's Introduction to Recycling: A Guidebook to the Field.

Independent Learning
Registrants will be advised to consult the book, "Introduction to Recycling" which is posted above. The majority of the presenters will be NCRA members working in the recycling field. Most of the classroom day will be spent listening to guest speakers and completing exercises designed to enhance the basic concepts in the field.

Under the general leadership of Arthur Boone, NCRA’s Educational Chairperson, a series of recycling industry leaders will address specific topics. Speakers to be announced.

The rapid growth of the recycling industry (550% since 1989; CIWMB estimate) means that experienced recyclers continually need to share their knowledge with newcomers so that they may move forward into responsible positions. Sometimes our own work is moving forward so fast that we may lack the time or the skills to provide needed training to newcomers. Thus, NCRA offers this course to help train people who would like a quick overview of recycling by presenting an inexpensive three-day course at a convenient location.Register Online Now!

WHO Should Attend?
The course is designed for newcomers to the recycling field and is an ideal orientation for many individuals such as: entry-level program assistants, interns, professionals from other fields, members of local advisory committees, city council members and staff, members of the board of supervisors, activists, solid waste handlers, recycling facility employees, commercial and industrial facility recycling program managers and staff.

**Scholarships now available for students! Contact for details.**

Click here for Introduction to Recycling Curriculum.

Also, read an article about NCRA's President and Materials Doctor Arthur Boone, a Recycler in Paradise.


More Education on Recycling and Discards Management: 

The Positive Role For Scavengers in the Urban Collections Environment, Being a Longer Version of “LONG LIFE TO SCAVENGERS” by Arthur Boone (abbreviated version shown in May, 2012 edition of Resource Recycling magazine). Click here to read the full "Long Life to Scavengers" article.

The READERS’ EDITION of the WEST COAST FORUM ON CLIMATE CHANGE, WASTE PREVENTION, RECOVERY AND DISPOSAL. Presented by USEPA Regions Nine and Ten on-line in June, July, and August, 2008. Edited by Arthur R. Boone, Center for Recycling Research, Berkeley, California. December, 2009.

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Our popular Intro to Recycling Class was held on March 24-26 at 401 Tunnel Ave in San Francisco. Please stay tuned for the next class!

Nature of Materials-Part Two: Reuse, Textiles, Ceramics, Chemicals, and Soils was held on Tuesday, December 3, 2013, at San Francisco Department of the Environment, San Francisco 9am - 4:45pm, 1455 Market St #1200. See our News Flash! for links to the presentations given by industry professionals.

NCRA's first ever Nature of Materials B class was held on Dec 3 at
the new headquarters for the San Francisco Department of the Environment
and featured presentations by industry professionals on textiles,
ceramics, soils, reuse and chemicals. For links to the presentations
given, pls click on the links below: register here:

Alexa Kielty, SF Department of Environment: Textiles

Nicole Tai, Reuse Alliance. Reuse in the 21st Century

Daven Stetson, St. Vincent dePaul Society of Lane County. Retail Reuse

Paul Burns, Fire Clay Tile Company. Ceramics and Clay

Chris L. Fisher, Green Works Environmental Services. Chemicals

Thanks to all those who attended and stay tuned for more classes like these!


Learn about jobs in recycling & waste reduction from leaders of the industry at NCRA Jobs in Recycling Workshops.

The next Jobs In Recycling Workshop - Haulers is November 5, 2013. Click here for details.

Workshop History, article reports and video.

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