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Board Meetings

Board Meeting, July 17, Tour of Berkeley Transfer Station, Dinner and Board Meeting at the Ecology Center, and Special Board Meeting Featuring Nick Lapis of CAW
Tour 4-5pm (Berkeley Transfer Station), Dinner/Board Meeting (Ecology Center), 5:15-8:00pm, RSVP Here

Join us for a tour of the Berkeley Transfer Station on Thrusday, July 17 from 4-5pm at 1201 Second Street - just off the Gilman Street I-80 freeway exit in Berkeley. The transfer station accepts Refuse, Construction & Demolition Debris, Yard Waste and Recyclables. Tour space is limited. The monthy Board meeting and dinner will take place at the Ecology Center starting at 5:15. If you plan to join us for this tour/or dinner, please RSVP to Faustina Mututa at with "NCRA July 17" in the subject line. Directions

The NCRA Board meets the third Thursday of the month - except in August and December.

July Agenda

Who is NCRA?

Committees 2014

Activities: Faustina Mututa, Chair and Jenny Cutter 

Communications Committee: Portia Sinnott, Chair, Tomer Shapira and all of you.

Membership and Engagement: Jessica Connolly and Tomer Shapira, Co-Chairs

Zero Waste Advocacy: Arthur Boone, Chair; John Moore, David Tam and Doug Brooms

Zero Waste Youth Convergence: Jessica Connolly and Emmanuel Nava, Co-Chairs

NCRA Donations

NCRA supports many important organizations and projects in our industry. Below, you will find some of the organizations and projects your membership dollars have supported over the last few years:

The Bay Area Recycling Outreach Coalition
Californians Against Waste
Container Recycling Institute
Cool 2012
Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance
Grassroots Recycling Network
Recycle Woman
The Story of Stuff
Zero Waste Brain Trust
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